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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Do I Know?

What do I know, that I could write about?
Horticulture, viticulture? Astronomy, barometry?
Physics, mystics? Chemistry, telemetry?
The mysteries of history—primeval and medieval?
The rhymes of time—paternity and modernity?

No, none of these; nor crime scenes or trees,
nor legalities or “legalese”
or homicide or suicide
or psych- or sociology.

What I know that I could write—
Could put it down and get it right—
Would be the world I find inside
But half of which I have to hide.

My humanity, my insanity? My philosophy, my sophistry?
My hate, my weight, my always being late?
My witicisms, my cynicism?
My wandering eyes, my layered lies?

If I would write of what I know
of friends betrayed and foes obeyed
of faith that’s old, a heart that’s cold
Let alone the roads my sleep-thoughts take
Not to mention when I’m awake!

It seems I would be awfully brave
To spend the secrets that I save…

What can I learn, that I could write about?

[NOTE: This poem is not autobiographical (of course). It is dedicated to all those other people who are too cowardly to write about themselves.]


  1. W.O.W. I can see a lot of myself in that poem. The LORD definitely sees so much of that in me. I will be brave? ~to confess ~and Grateful that THE LORD does not treat me as my sins deserve. That despite the *ugly* in me~ HE loves me unconditionally. My Savior does indeed set me FREE. The Mercy I have received i want to pour out on those all around me ~ in our Humanity. Showering those i live with the Amazing LOVE i have received ~ reaching out to my neighbors, community and into the world with a LOVE SO DIVINE~may HIS LOVE in me SHINE. THAT Glorious GRACE ~that helps me face~ my wretchedness. When I KNOW~ HE WHO calms the SEA ~ can calm the storm in me. As we choose each day to be empty of self and ask to be filled with HIS LOVE, to look at others through HIS eyes, To LOVE how I have been Loved and to be merciful as I have received Mercy, to comfort as I have been Comforted.

    Thanks Dave for helping me reflect today once again ~The Amazing LOVE and Grace of my Loving Heavenly Father.