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Monday, May 7, 2012

20 Years

(For Jill on our 20th anniversary)

A shot in the arm reveals a need in me
Not in a partner who loves like she
But that’s what I got
It was just like a shot
When we reached 20 years

I’ve been thankful for the first 19
Truly grateful that she’s on my team
But she took a leap
All-star to MVP
When the streak hit 20 years

The Artist has created a “helper suitable”
And her landscape has always been beautiful
But she took the Grand Prize
For the shine in her eyes
When I’d seen it for 20 years

We have made beautiful music together
And it will ring in my ears forever
But it became much more strong
And my favorite song
When I’d heard it for 20 years

I’ve been intoxicated with her time after time
And the cup of her love is like the best wine
It took the heart that I had
And made it even more glad
When it had aged for 20 years

I’m still inclined to stay Protestant
Nor take the Roman view of the sacraments
But each look at her face
Is a means of God’s grace
When we’ve worshipped Him together for 20 years

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