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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Christmas in October

The ladies at our former church in Sonoma, CA had an annual event called “Christmas in October,” where they enjoyed a nice meal and learned about gift ideas for the holiday season. I usually wrote a short story for the event, but one year I decided to do a poem. Our family was having a tough time in various ways, so I thought this would be a good way to encourage my wife and children, as well as the ladies at the event. Hopefully you will also find some encouragement in it…

‘Twas two months before Christmas
And all through the house
A pall had fallen on our family
We were definitely “down in the mouth”

Summer trips and birthday gifts
Had left our pockets low
We were struggling to make ends meet
Hoping to get “out of the hole”

This year’s schoolwork was overwhelming
For mom and for the kids
We didn’t think we could do it
And wondered how we ever did

The leaves were falling with our spirits
Awaiting the winter winds
And soon with Daylight Savings Time
Even the evenings would grow dim

The flu season had begun
And with seven sharing air
Someone was always sick
It just didn’t seem fair!

Desperate for encouragement
And longing for some cheer
We opened the family Bible
And were given ears to hear

We read that God has granted us
The gift of eternal life
And this gift that keeps on giving
Is ours both day and night

No matter what we’re going through
We always have the hope
He’ll never let us slip too far
Or reach the end of our rope

When we receive God’s gifts by faith
They replace our doubts and fears
So it’s really Christmas in October
And it really is all year!