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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Won't Be Quittin' My Day Job

My son Calvin graduated from High School last night, and the parents were allowed to say a few words.  Here's what I had to share:

Calvin has always been very unique.  He's the only child of seven to have black hair, so I've often referred to him as "the black sheep of the family."  (Usually that's only been a reference to his hair, but there have been some times...)  Because he's so unique, I knew he'd wanted something different for this occasion, and I also knew he'd probably like nothing better than for me to make a fool of myself in front of everybody.  So since he likes rap, I wrote one about him.  This is the first time I've ever done this, and I plan for it to be the last, but here it is.  (Then I added to Calvin, "If you don't like it, your mom wrote it.")

From the time he arrived with a shock of black hair
Till the time had arrived when he’s standin’ up there

He’s been one of a kind, the rarest of breeds
In the race of unique, always takin’ the lead

Obsessions started early with a water-logged youth
Woulda put ‘im for adoption if he wasn’t so cute

We’d find 'im with a hose, or sittin’ in the sink
He would jump into a pool or lake without so much a think

He cutely called it “Lalo” when he’d wetly be at play
Became a little monster when we tried to take it away

One idol to another, as he grew into a man
Endless games and sleep don’t fit a parent's plan

But we’re thankful now he’s older, by the grace the gospel brings
That his passion and obsession have been turned ta higher things

He’s still the only black sheep and unique in every way
And we’re Godfidant this snowflake will be more than just a flake

With his personality and his heart of mercy too
He’ll be used by Jesus Christ in his makin’ all things new 

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