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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Different Approach to Politics and the Election (i.e. a Gospel-Centered Approach)

In honor of the upcoming presidential election, I am posting a link to a message I gave to our church four years ago before the last one, which I believe is just as applicable now...

Click on this link to hear the message, and here is the basic outline of what I shared:

Dave’s Dos and Dont’s:

DO pray about the election (and the government), in a "kingdom-oriented" way

DO consider the issues with an open mind

DO be discerning and even skeptical about both sides of issues

DON’T allow your political views to be expressed in sinful ways

DON’T allow your political views to create unnecessary barriers between you and unbelievers

DON’T allow your political views or activities to be a substitute for personal godliness

DON’T judge other believers for how they vote or what they think on issues that are not clear in Scripture

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