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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Far Beyond (Song for Jaclyn's Baptism)

I wrote these words (from Psalm 127:3-5) for my daughter Jaclyn's baptism (five months old), and they were put to music by my son Nathan (college student). Yes, we have quite a variety of ages in the olive branches around our family table. The song and the psalm it's based on apply to all my seven children, of course, and to all other covenant children as well. It struck me as I was studying the passage one day that arrows enable the warrior to reach far beyond where he could without them...they increase his "range," if you will. And that is exactly what our children do in the spiritual battle, when they are raised according to God's Word. So here are the words for "Far Beyond," and if you want to hear the music, go to Nathan's Facebook page and you'll see a video of him singing it.

I believe that you will go
Far beyond where I’ve been
I believe that you will see
Far beyond what I’ve seen
I believe that you will try
Things I’ve never tried
And I believe you will fly
So much higher than I

Like arrows in the hands of the warrior
Can make his reach so long
So the children of our youth
Will carry the battle on

Further up and further in
To well outside our range
And having many blessed weapons
Will bring a world of change


Like allies in the face of aggression
Will stand and defend your name
So the man with many children
Will not be put to shame

Further up and further in
And to the very end
The reward is that our children
Will end up as our friends


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